Futhark Village

In Search of Ansuz Runesinger

Thorleif hated everything about Svartalfheim. This place was always twilight dark, which made it only slightly more bearable to look upon the hideous dwarves who populated it. And now he was being sent into Nidhavelir, the worst place in all of Svartalfheim.#futharkvillage — Perseus Greenman (@futharkvillage) December 19, 2019 At least he had been given […]

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Ansuz talks to Althunn

When they had found their seats, Ansuz found himself seated next to Althunn. “Hello,” he ventured. “Hello,” she said. “Are you the Ansuz who apprenticed with Dvallin all those years ago?” “Yes,” Ansuz said, surprised. “Do you know rune master Dvallin?”#futharkvillage — Perseus Greenman (@futharkvillage) November 19, 2019 “Yes," Althunn said. "Dvallin worked closely with […]

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Ansuz the Runemeister

Ansuz is the wisest person in Futhark Village, and the most well-read. Ansuz frequently prefers to stay in the background, not drawing attention to himself until he is ready to speak. When he speaks, his words have a power to them. Ansuz is a rune strongly connected with the god Odin, especially in his capacity as […]

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