Futhark Village

Vignette: Fehu and Uruz on a Date

Uruz decided to do something special for Fehu. They had been married for many years, celebrating their way through the summers and surviving the winters together. Uruz wanted to let his beautiful bride know how much he still loved her. First he went to Raidho the traveler, and bought some of those sweet candies Raidho […]

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Before the Exchange

“We have no time!” Modi snarled. “We have waited too long for Thorleif to return already.” Einherjar and dwarves worked quickly and tirelessly to pack carts for the journey to the Exchange of Hammers while Modi growled at Perthro. “Sowilo says we need to.”#futharkvillage — Perseus Greenman (@futharkvillage) January 6, 2020 “How can we stop […]

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