Futhark Village

Tiwaz the Just

Tiwaz is the wisest member of Futhark Village, and is frequently sought out for his just rulings in law. He looks up to Tyr, the left-handed god who gave his right hand, his sword hand, so that Fenris could be bound.

Eiwaz stalks the Einherjar

Today’s story is all about Eiwaz, even though he isn’t on-stage for most of it. Eiwaz is a rune of going out with your bow to defend your village, rather than waiting for bad things to come. #futharkvillage @blithgunde pic.twitter.com/QXiO3PwvAb — Perseus Greenman (@futharkvillage) November 22, 2019 "Okay, Perthro, here's the plan: You come up […]

Thurisaz talks about Sowilo

Today's story is about the relationship between Thurisaz and Sowilo. These two runes are both associated with Thor through his control of lightning. Sowilo as a rune includes the light from lightning.Thurisaz is the part of lightning which does harm.#futharkvillage pic.twitter.com/VSkbuOv1vP — Perseus Greenman (@futharkvillage) November 7, 2019 Having been unable to follow their attackers […]

Thurisaz and Algiz Fight to Defend

Today's story is primarily about Thurisaz and Algiz. Thurisaz is a rune of conflict, and there will be plenty of fighting today. Algiz is a rune of protection, and is associated with the valkyries. Enjoy the story!#futharkvillage @blithgunde @WolfofOdin420 @Apez140 pic.twitter.com/AnlYbMwCSa — Perseus Greenman (@futharkvillage) November 4, 2019 An hour ago, the mead hall was […]