Futhark Village

Ansuz and Raidho

Ansuz clapped as Althunn finished reciting another of her poems. Dwarven poetry's style was different than what he was used to from Midgard, but beautiful in its own way. Like the dwarves themselves, the initial horror of their unusual shape hid great beauty.#futharkvillage — Perseus Greenman (@futharkvillage) December 30, 2019 In all, Ansuz was finding […]

Thurisaz and Raidho

Today's story focuses on Thurisaz the Giant-Slayer and Raidho the Traveler. Thurisaz is a rune of conflict. I would say a battle counts. Raidho is a rune of movement, and trust me: things are going to move today!#futharkvillage pic.twitter.com/ut6p1YgYlW — Perseus Greenman (@futharkvillage) November 5, 2019 Thurisaz cursed, then streaked toward the door like lightning. […]

Raidho the Traveler

Raidho has been everywhere, and has borrowed from everyone he has visited. He promises he’ll give it back the next time he sees them. Raidho is the rune of getting off your butt and doing it. Go. Stop procrastinating. Move. Even if you’re going the wrong way, just get in the cart and drive.

Before the Exchange

“We have no time!” Modi snarled. “We have waited too long for Thorleif to return already.” Einherjar and dwarves worked quickly and tirelessly to pack carts for the journey to the Exchange of Hammers while Modi growled at Perthro. “Sowilo says we need to.”#futharkvillage — Perseus Greenman (@futharkvillage) January 6, 2020 “How can we stop […]

In Search of Ansuz Runesinger

Thorleif hated everything about Svartalfheim. This place was always twilight dark, which made it only slightly more bearable to look upon the hideous dwarves who populated it. And now he was being sent into Nidhavelir, the worst place in all of Svartalfheim.#futharkvillage — Perseus Greenman (@futharkvillage) December 19, 2019 At least he had been given […]