Futhark Village

Eiwaz stalks the Einherjar

Today’s story is all about Eiwaz, even though he isn’t on-stage for most of it. Eiwaz is a rune of going out with your bow to defend your village, rather than waiting for bad things to come. #futharkvillage @blithgunde pic.twitter.com/QXiO3PwvAb — Perseus Greenman (@futharkvillage) November 22, 2019 "Okay, Perthro, here's the plan: You come up […]

Searching for Svartalfheim

The next morning found a search party exploring the area around the waterfall. Laguz had sailed the search party up to the waterfall, where they had all disembarked and climbed the steep hill up to a lake above. #futharkvillage @MjolnirForge @blithgunde @MightySigurd — Perseus Greenman (@futharkvillage) November 11, 2019 When Laguz inspected the waterfall, he […]

Thurisaz talks about Sowilo

Today's story is about the relationship between Thurisaz and Sowilo. These two runes are both associated with Thor through his control of lightning. Sowilo as a rune includes the light from lightning.Thurisaz is the part of lightning which does harm.#futharkvillage pic.twitter.com/VSkbuOv1vP — Perseus Greenman (@futharkvillage) November 7, 2019 Having been unable to follow their attackers […]