Futhark Village

Perthro strikes out with Sowilo

Today's story is primarily about Sowilo and Perthro. Sowilo is the rune of the sun, of lightning, and of seeing that which you could not see before, and will be unable to see again. Perthro is the rune of mystery, chance, of water-well, and of dice. Enjoy!#futharkvillage pic.twitter.com/cEoMJTPUju — Perseus Greenman (@futharkvillage) November 1, 2019 […]

Before the Exchange

“We have no time!” Modi snarled. “We have waited too long for Thorleif to return already.” Einherjar and dwarves worked quickly and tirelessly to pack carts for the journey to the Exchange of Hammers while Modi growled at Perthro. “Sowilo says we need to.”#futharkvillage — Perseus Greenman (@futharkvillage) January 6, 2020 “How can we stop […]

The Archery Contest

Another voice which Ullfinn didn’t recognize rang out, but did not echo in the same way. “Then what do you propose, Chosen of Odin? We have the prisoner you came for, and you have our friend. Do we simply kill each other?”#futharkvillage @NacternalDeath1 @MjolnirForge — Perseus Greenman (@futharkvillage) November 27, 2019 “But you are an […]